Video Laser Shooting

Video Laser Shooting

Hunt deer with your rifle, compete against others with your pistol, or shoot sporting clay's with your shotgun.
Choose from over 15 software titles.

The giant screen simulator provides the most realistic and entertaining shooting experience.

Continue to hone your shooting skills while relaxing with friends and colleagues.

This is great fun for all office and private party's and events,

This beginner game pack will let you experience all the gaming simulation you need and is something the whole family can enjoy.
The pack includes:

•Dove Shoot
•Mallard Mania
•Prairie Dog Hunt
•Speed Trainer
• Bull's-eye Blast

And more....
Additional games can be added to your custom Shooters Challenge Software.

Laser Shot Adult and Child Rifle, Great light Laser Pointer. Light weight for children and Adult comfort.
Laser Shot Adult and Child 1911-A1 Handgun. Great addition with a metal real feel replica weight and size of a 1911A-1 Handgun This is only used if the operator feels it is suitable and would not be misused.

Competitions can be set up for small or multiple group sizes,

Knockout's and Competitions,
Team Shooting scenarios,
Fast reaction target disciplines,
Plus many more can be set up to add to the excitement and fun for your day.

The added bonus to this system is you can consume alcohol and still use it; we are often booked for evening functions allowing our clients a wider choice of operating times.
A selection of guns are on offer to include light weight rifles and pistols, choke sizes for the guns can be altered, and skill levels adjusted, to handicap any regular shooters and even up the odds for all participants.

Area requirement

Laser Shot can be set up almost anywhere; it is ideal for a small conference room or even an outside barn.

If you are unsure that you have the required space, please contact us and allow us to advise.