Laser Paintball – Tippmann Barracuda

Laser paintball - Tippmann Barracuda

Not all laser tag guns are were created equal. You will appreciate this when you play with our military grade laser tag rentals that use infrared and RF signals. They are sophisticated to give you the intelligence and technology you need to eliminate your opponent but are simple enough to be used by everyone.
The Barracuda System is a lightweight, compact system suitable for the more serious laser tag players. The manufacturers have taken the popular Tippmann 98 Custom marker and converted it to a permanent infrared transmitter and receiver. A laser is activated by the electronics in the paintball marker when the trigger is pulled. The receiver shows number of shots, number of hits and number of players eliminated. There are lights and sounds that advise players when a hit is made and who has been hit or eliminated.

This is the perfect system for adults and more experienced players looking to have a great time!"